In all this life, a little rain must fall.

Or so the song says. But what do you do when the rain lasts for a few weeks, the way it does in Richmond in the spring? Since we get a lot of questions from [...]

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Consumer Checklist for Buying a Heat Pump

For most families, A Heat Pump is a major purchasing decision. The process of making this purchase can be stressful, confusing and difficult. So, to alleviate some of this stress, I wanted to create a [...]

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Open Season on Dust Bunnies

In 1987, L. Jung with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory published a paper for the United States Department of energy (link: .pdf opens in new window) about the importance of air filters in refrigerant based [...]

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Ways to improve air conditioning efficiency.

One of the most common questions we get, here at Middleton heating and air, is how to make a system blow as cold as possible, for the longest amount of time, for the least amount [...]

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Top 5 ways your system is telling you it’s time to be replaced

One of the questions we get the most from our clients is how to tell when it’s time to replace their HVAC systems. Many people tend to wait for a catastrophic failure before considering replacement [...]

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Thermostats – in brief

Pictured: Trane's ComfortLink II WiFi Thermostat While one of the best ways to ensure efficiency – and save money – is to have one of our friendly professionals apply our SAfE process to [...]

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