For most families, A Heat Pump is a major purchasing decision. The process of making this purchase can be stressful, confusing and difficult. So, to alleviate some of this stress, I wanted to create a checklist to use when you are getting quotes (hopefully a minimum of 3!) in order to help find the right contractor for you and your family.

After setting your estimate appointments (again, with at least 3 companies), you may want to call a day ahead to reconfirm the appointment time to ensure your understanding of the meeting place and time align with the contractor’s expectations. As a general rule, you should not have contractors arriving during the same window of time, so it’s best to leave a minimum of 90 minutes between appointment times.

Another general rule of thumb is to not share information across contractors during the initial appointment visits (there will be time for negotiation once you have all three quotes). DO NOT hesitate to ask a contractor to leave your premises if you are offended by overly aggressive sales behavior or if the contractor pressures you to share other contractor’s information. Because this industry is so reliant on customer relationships, remember that the contractor you select will likely be working with your family for a long time. It’s important to make sure you are comfortable with your choice.


The following checklist can be used to rate the contractors providing quotes. The outcome is an overall score that you can use to compare the contractors that have visited your home to provide a quote. Please use a separate sheet for each contractor.


HVAC Quote Checklist/Scoring Sheet

Your score was 0out of 15.

Any contractor scoring above a 12 is worth considering.


Here are a few additional questions you may want to consider related to each quote:

  • Were there any differences in equipment and labor warranties between the contractors?
  • Are there any differences in installation processes or the installation guarantees/warranties?
  • You may want to ask the contractor why you should choose them to do your work (what differentiates them from other providers in the area)?
  • Was there was something you didn’t like about the appointment?

If you use this checklist, it should assist in helping you identify a contractor for your impending HVAC job. There are also additional external sources that are useful in assessing the integrity of a company, such as the BBB.

Leveraging all sources of information (including the above checklist) will help you to find a company you can be comfortable with, for years to come.

Bill Hix
37-Year Industry Expert
Middleton Heating and Air
Richmond, VA